Jamie Ruggles Founder

Mom of two. Wife of one. Starter and leader of Nöm-on. We voted Jamie the most likely to be the one repeatedly asking "why?" as a kid. She doesn't accept the that's-just-the-way-it-is type answers. She's great at turning disorder into process, and she's not afraid to change things. If she was, you wouldn't be reading this.

Jamie can be found forging partnerships with our restaurants, being an advocate for our clients and lending her vision to the rest of us.

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Bryan Anderson

 | Digital + Ops

A customer-focused digital multi-tool of sorts, and our resident vegan. Bryan spent nearly a decade leading customer service, and digital experiences at Skullcandy. And rather than continuing to oversee launching international headphone websites, he decided he wasn't done learning. He spent the next year of his life dedicated to web development, and presumably survived off tofu. 

Bryan is currently manning our digital operations and anything customer experience. 

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Josh Ruggles

Brand + Content

He's just here cause he's married to the owner. But really, he's been around in the world of content and brand development. Crafting messages for several international brands, including Ubisoft, Skullcandy and 3M, he's has spun a few yarns in his day. 

He's the brand messenger. Please don't kill him. 

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