How it all started

Most of my adult life has been in the foodservice industry. I waited tables for roughly a decade at multiple restaurants. In those years I learned a valuable lesson: experience is everything. People want to be surprised and delighted when it comes to any customer experience. 

After trading my waiter's apron for business casual, I learned that a clear vision paired with a positive company culture built on process are the recipe to creating those extraordinary customer experiences. 

One of my roles was at a tech company experiencing rapid growth. Among many other things, I managed a budget of over $1 million food budget to keep the the team fed, and spirits high. But managing multiple vendors, and receiving a steady stream of input from employees, my days were nearly consumed by food alone.

I felt like there had to be a better way, and looked for the answer everywhere. My want was simple: a one-stop food source that can handle all of our food, snacks and event catering. When I couldn't find the answer, I decided to write in my own. This was the first step of Nöm-On



We choose early bird sunlight over midnight oil—every time. We make time for family and friends, because they make us happy, and everyone works better when they’re smiling. We’re not afraid to ask tough questions, especially to ourselves. We don’t understand being exclusive—it only limits who you meet and the change you can bring by working together. We’d take someone with passion and hunger over an embossed paper any day, no question. Our best ideas never came while hunched over a computer—that’s why we don’t eat at our desks. We believe good food is more than something to keep you alive, so we always make time to eat. Because one lunch with the right minds can change the world—and we wouldn’t dream of missing that. We work with companies who share these beliefs.